Create Custom Lead Entry Forms for Event Registration

Create custom lead entry forms within Bullseye to allow leads to register for an event at a location. 

Requirements:  Events Registration subscriptions.

Before you read this article: please make sure you are familiar with our other Events documentation. An overview with links to related topics can be found in the following article:

Events Overview

Bullseye allows you to create custom forms to allow users to sign up as an attendee to an event at a location.  Registrations are posted in a report in the Bullseye Admin (See Leads by Event Report).  The event will need to have been set up previously in Bullseye. Event forms are set up with the following steps:

  • Create a New Form
  • Configure Form Fields
  • Configure Form Settings
  • Save the Form
  • Publish and Implement the Form

1. Create a New Form

To set up configurable forms within Bullseye, you first need to contact Bullseye at 732-868-8463 to activate the subscription. Once you have subscribed, go to  Interfaces>Forms  in the left navigation.  You will see a screen similar to below:

You can create a new form or work with an existing form.  We will use an existing form in this article. Select  Edit next to the Event Registration form.  

2. Configure Form Fields

When you select Edit  , you will see a screen like the following:

Add/Remove Form Fields:

First, you need to select which fields will appear in your form. You can add standard fields on the left by checking them off, then select add selected.  The field you add will appear on the right.  To remove fields, check the appropriate field on the right side, then select  Remove Selected. The field will show up on the left after it is removed.

Edit Form Fields
You may need to edit the name of the fields. If so, select edit on the right for the appropriate field, and simply change the name. The example above shows the email field in process of being edited. You can also make the field required, or not required by checking yes or no as in the example above.  Select save next to the field when you are done.
You may want to allow the user to filter by categories, for instance if a lead is looking for a particular product, you could allow them to choose the product in the form to let the dealer know what product they are looking for. Your event registration form will display the same categories that you would display on the locator search.  Categories may or may not be relevant for your event form.
Custom Fields
If you need to add additional fields, this can be done by adding a custom attribute. We suggest creating your custom attributes before building the form.  Once they are created, you will see the attributes in the left side, and you can add them as you add other fields.
When you have configured your fields, select the Form Settings tab at the top.  

3. Configure Form Settings

After selecting Form Settings, you will see the screen below:

  • Lead Type: Select Event.  (Location would be selected if you were collecting leads and tracking them with a Lead Manager subscription.  You will see both options only if you are subscribed to both Lead Manager and Events Registration).
  • Form Name: Name your form as appropriate.  If you search for an event in the admin, this is what you would search for when trying to locate it.
  • Form Title: This is the title of the form that your web traffic will see at the top when they fill out the form.
  • Lead Source: This option can only be used if you also have a Lead Manager subscription. By default, this is web.  You can also configure your own Lead Source if you want to see how many leads come from a particular form. First you will need to add a Lead Source.  After that, select the correct Lead Source in the drop down menu here.
  • Confirmation Message to Registrant: This is an optional email message that gets sent to the lead after they submit their information.  You can edit the contents of the email by going to Settings/Email Settings on the Top Right. If you want to activate this email, simply turn this email on as needed.  More information can be found at the event registration notification email article. 
  • CSS Form Styles: You can enter your own CSS form styles in this field to alter the styles on the form to match your website.  Simply paste the code in the field.
  • Message After Form is Submitted: Enter the message you want your leads to see on the website after they fill out the form.
  • Captcha: Enable the Captcha option to discourage spammers from sending robots to your form with bogus lead information.
  • Submission URL: If you would like to send the lead to a url after they submit the form, instead of displaying a thank you message, you can enter a web url here.

4. Save the Form

When you are done configuring the form, you can select Save  before publishing the form.  In the future, if you need to edit the form after it has been published already, select Save and Close. There is no need to republish the form if it has been published already.

5. Publish and Implement the Form

Before you publish the form on your website, you need to turn on Event Registration on your interface.  To do this, go to Interfaces  in the left navigation of your Bullseye account, and select Edit on the interface that will include the Event Registration form.  
Display Event Registration on the location search results

After you click on edit, scroll down near the bottom and you will see Results Options:

You will see an option to include Events Registration as in the example above.  Select the checkbox.  Beneath that, there is a drop down menu that will let you select the form you need.  Select the correct form, then select the Save button at the top.  If your interface is published already, you do not need republish the Interface.
After you select Save, you can check the location search to confirm that it is working.  You should see a link on the location with the name of the event as in the example below:

Select the text of the event.  You will be taken to the landing page which will include a link that says "Register Now:"

Select Register Now and a form will pop up.

Note that you can also set up an exclusive events search, and the registration form will also appear on that search.  For details, view Add an Event to your Store Locator Interface