Add an Event Search to your Store Locator Interface

How todd a separate search for events to draw attention to the events.

Requirements: Any paid subscription

In addition to the location search, Bullseye also offers a separate events search.  While the location search also allows you to include events on a location, you can promote your events more actively by including a separate event tab on your search interface. This draws more attention to the events, and allows users to search for them exclusively, without sorting through locations that are not providing events.

Before you activate the events search, create your events and assign to your locations as per this article.   

Once your events are created, you just need to enable their display by going to Interfaces on the left, then select Edit on the appropriate interface (this functionality is currently supported only on the Map on Top Interface). You'll see a screen similar to below:

Simply check the Include Event Search Tab  option.  On the front end, you'll get a new Event Locator Tab:

Like the location search, this search is based on geography (zip code, city/state etc).  If you assign your event to a category (types of events) you can also let users search by them as explained in this article. When you get search results, you can select the Details link on a location, and you'll see the detailed information that was entered on the event, as you would see from the location search:

Providing the events search is a great way to push more customers to your locations, and gets them involved with your product.