Leads by Event

The Leads by Event report captures information for leads that register for an event.

Requirements: Available as an add-on to Connect, Optimize, Find subscriptions.

An events registration subscription allows you to create a customizable form that event leads can fill out to register for the event.  All of the information the lead fills out can be embedded into an email that goes to the location hosting the event.  Some of the information is also included in this report so the company that has set up the locator also gets a record of the lead.  

To view this report, go to the Leads by Events.  Select that link.  You will see a screen similar to the following:

General information on events you have created within the time frame of the report will be displayed.  By default, all events within one month will be displayed. You can change the date range if necessary.  

Note that this report can be exported into .csv, excel, or .pdf by selecting the

Export this report in the same way if needed.  Lead information includes:
  • Lead Name
  • Event Title
  • Date Registered
  • City/State
  • Email