Event Registration Notification Email

Send an event registration email to a dealer when a lead signs up for an event:

Requirements: Find Subscription, Event Registration Subscription

The event registration email is an optional email that can be sent to a dealer when a lead signs up for an event.  Before sending this email, you need to activate it (see Create Custom Lead Entry Forms for EventRegistration).

To edit the contents of this email, go to Settings > Notifications.  You should see the email labeled Event Registration Notification.  Select that, and you'll see the following:

  • To Address: Enter an email address if you would like someone to receive a copy of the email that goes to the location.
  • From Address: Enter the email address you would like the location to see as the From Address in the email.
  • From Name: Enter the name of the person you would like the location to see on the email.
  • Subject: Enter the subject you would like your location to see on the email.

After configuring Settings, click on the Body tab to configure the content of the email. 

If you would like to embed the information the lead entered into the form into the email, select the [leadinfo] merge tag to input it into the verbiage of you email.  If you do not have a Lead Manager Subscription, you will need to insert the merge tag for the location to receive the lead.

The text editor lets you enter html and text to give your email an elegant look to reinforce your brand.  You can insert links and images as needed, and choose from a variety of formatting options.  You can also use HTML code if you select the HTML tab at the bottom.

Once you have formatted your email correctly, selec Save