Events Overview

How to promote locations' in-store events to engage your customers and send them to your stores. Publish these events within your locator so your web traffic can find the events.

Requirements: Any paid subscription

Events are available with a paid subscription. If you would like to use Bullseye's event registration forms, this requires a separate subscription. You can also link to your own registration forms if you prefer.

The set-up process is easy, and is covered in the topics below:

  1. Add and Manage Events. Covers adding and managing events. Also assigning events to locations, and assigning product categories to events.
  2. Add an Event Search to Your Store Locator Search. Optionally, you can create a separate Event search tab to highlight them.
  3. Create Registration Lead Entry Forms for Events Registration. Create an optional registration form within Bullseye (additional subscription required).
  4. Configure Event Registration Emails. Configure email confirmations to go to event leads or locations.
  5. Upload Events. Upload events in a .csv file if you need to add a lot of events.