Add Lead Collection to Your Store Locator

A how-to guide to capturing actionable leads.via Bullseye's store locator

Requirements:   Available in Connect and Optimize subscriptions, and as an add-on to a Find Subscription. To add a subscription to your account, contact Tom Flynn at 732-868-8463.

Your most valuable potential customers are those who have visited your web site, used your store locator, and identified the location where they want to do business. With Bullseye Lead Manager add-on, you can add an immediate contact form that captures that peak interest, allows the customer to communicate their specific needs, and delivers it immediately to that dealer with no intermediate effort required from you. 

To add lead collection to an existing interface, follow the steps below.  If you do not have an existing interface see Add a Responsive Interface to your Site to create one.

1. Edit Existing Store Locator Interface

  • Log in to your Bullseye account
  • Click the Interfaces menu option in the left navigation
  • Click Edit next to the interface you wish to use. 
You will be taken to the options screen, similar to below:

2. Activate Lead Capture

  • On the Options tab, scroll down to the heading Lead Capture
  • Select the checkbox for Add lead capture form as in the example below. 

  • In the drop-down list, choose the form you wish to use. For instructions on customizing the default form or adding your own custom forms, see Customize Lead Entry Forms
  • Click the Save button in the upper right corner of the page
  • Click the Save or Save and Close button to complete the process

3. Configure Locations for Lead Manager

  • In order to receive leads, locations must be configured for Lead Manager. Two elements are required:
    1. Locations must be assigned to the Lead Manager service.
    2. Locations must have an email address to which leads can be sent. If there is no email address to send to, the store locator interface will not display the "Contact Location" link in the search results.
    To edit a location, follow these steps:
    • Click Manage Locations in the left navigation
    • Search for a location
    • Click on a location to get to the details screen for that location
    • Click Edit to enter the page in edit mode
    To assign the location to the Lead Manager service, do the following:
    • Scroll down to the Bullseye Details heading
    • Click the Lead Manager checkbox next to Services Used.

    In order for Bullseye to send lead emails to the location, there must be an email address associated with the location. There are two options for providing an email address. 

    1. E-mail Address (Username) field: The email address of the Location Admin user for the location is Bullseye's first choice for sending leads. Set this address in the Bullseye Details section of the location edit screen. Note that this email address is also the login username for the location, so (a) it must be unique for each location, and (b) you must set a password. For more information about Location Admin users, see Configure Location Logins.
    2. E-Mail Address field: If a Location Admin user is not set, Bullseye will send leads to the contact email address (in the Contact Details section of the location edit screen). Use this option if you have users that will manage multiple locations. If you are going to upload the email addresses, you would use the ContactEmail field.  Note that this approach will not allow the users to login, it will only allow them to receive leads via email.  If you want users to manage multiple locations, and also login, see Create and Modify Location Groups.

The example below shows where these fields can be found.

When you are finished, click  Save Location at the bottom of the edit screen.

4. View the Lead Manager Form on the Interface

Note: If you don't want test leads to be sent to actual locations, first put your account in Lead Manager test mode. See Set Lead Manager Test Mode for details.
To view the lead collection workflow, follow these steps: 
  • Click Interfaces in the left navigation
  • Click View next to the interface you want to test. The interface should load in a new tab.
  • Search for locations. You should see a link to "Contact Location" for each location that is correctly configured for Lead Manager, as in the example below.  

  • Click "Contact Location" to open the lead form in a pop-up window:

  • Complete and submit the form, and check to see that the test emails are delivered correctly.
  • Take your account out of Lead Manager test mode to fully enable Lead Manager. See Set Lead Manager Test Mode for details. 

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