Create and Modify Location Groups

How to create location groups to allow a single user to manage multiple locations.  

Requirements: Available to all subscriptions

Location groups provide a way to make bulk location assignments to users. Instead of individually assigning locations to your users, you can create a location group of selected locations and assign the group to the user. Location Groups are often used in 2 scenarios:

  1. You have multiple locations that need to be managed by a single location level user.
  2. You have multiple locations that need to be managed by a rep (an account level user which can be created with a User Manager Subscription).

This method saves time because the users can be assigned to an entire group at one time, instead of assigning multiple users to each location one at a time. If the created group of locations changes, you can easily remove or add locations to the group, and this will dynamically update the locations each user is assigned to. 

Create Location Groups

To create a location group go to Settings > Location Groups. In the Manage Location Groups page select Add Location Group.

The Add Location Group page will appear. Enter a location group name. For this example, we will create a location group for locations managed by the same Sales Rep; the name of the location group will be the same as the Sales Rep’s name. Select  Save after you enter the name:

Once the location group is saved, you can assign locations to the group.

Select  Assign Locations. A list of your locations will appear. Simply check the box for the locations you want to assign to the group and click Assign Selected.

Create Location Groups through the Location Record

You can also create a Location Group and assign it to a location through the location record. To do this, select  Manage Locations in the left navigation to access the Manage Locations page. Select a location you want to include in a group and choose Edit.

To assign an existing group to the location, click on the Location Groups field. Upon clicking on the field, a drop-down of existing groups will appear. Select the group you want to assign to the location.

To create a new group, type in the name of the group in the Location Groups field and press enter.

You can also remove the location from the group by clicking on the “x” in the group name tag.

When you are finished, select  Save Location at the bottom of the page. This will automatically create the group and assign the location to the groups. You can also assign a Location Group when you initially create a location in the same manner.

Assign Location Groups to Users

Once you have created your location groups you can assign them to users to give them access to the locations within that group. For more details on user creation and user assignments see Add Users.

To assign, navigate to the Manage Users page by selecting  Users. Select a user and select the Edit button. Go to the Assignments tab and click on Create Assignment.

A pop-up window will appear with the different assignment options. Click on the  Location Groups tab. Select the location group you want to assign to the user and click Assign Selected.

Now, when this user logs in to their account, they will have access to all the locations that belong to that group. When new locations are added to the group, or when locations are removed from the group, the user’s access to these locations will change accordingly.  

Note: Different roles can be assigned to the Location Group, and sometimes companies have regional reps who manage locations in a location group. If you create a custom role for your regional reps as an account level class and assign them to a Location Group, they will have access to all the locations, and users associated with those locations. Location level users can also see all the locations they are assigned to in the group. Because location level users have more limited access than what is allowed for custom roles, custom roles (available in a User Management subscription) are usually the best approach for including regional reps in Bullseye.

Modify Location Groups

To modify a Location Group, go to  Settings > Location Groups. You will see a list of your location groups with their name and number of assigned locations. You can edit location groups by clicking anywhere on the row of the group. This allows you to modify the name of the group, remove location assignments, or delete the group.