Manage Leads

The Manage Leads tab will appear if your company's account is configured with a Lead Management subscription. This tab allows you to see a list of recent leads with their status, import leads for routing, view and comment on leads, and manage unassigned leads.  

Required:  Available in Connect and Optimize subscriptions, and as an add-on to the Find Subscription.

Available for:

  • Client Admins
  • Client Users
  • Reps
  • Location Admins
  • Location Users

Managing an Existing Lead

As leads come into Bullseye, Bullseye attempts to route the lead based on routing rules that clients have setup. All submitted leads, regardless of if they were routed or not, appear in the manage leads list view which is loaded automatically when you select the Manage Leads tab. The list view lets you see at-a-glance where the lead came from, when it was submitted, the current status, source information, and if any categories were selected by the lead.

To select a lead you'd like to manage, click on one of the leads.  This will bring you to the individual lead page which is broken into 3 tabs - Lead Details, Assignments, and Follow Up. 

Edit Lead

Selecting Edit allows you to modify information on the lead including the address, prioritization, contact information, and any custom lead attributes. You cannot edit the following information: 

  • Overall status*
  • Lead Source
  • Selected Category
  • Lead Comments

*Overall Status is a roll-up of all the lead states. If a lead was sent to 3 dealers and 1 Followed up, but 2 did not, the Overall Status would be "Referred." You can view Lead Status for individual locations by selecting the Assignments Tab on the lead.  

Delete Lead

Deleting the lead is done by clicking on the Delete button in the upper right corner of the lead page. 


Available to:

  • Client Admins
  • Client Users

The assignments tab allows you to view lead status of leads assigned to individual locations and it allows you to add or modify assignments. Selecting Edit on this screen will bring you to the following edit page.

You can remove the lead assignment by checking off the location and clicking Remove Selected.

To assign a new location to a lead, select Assign Location. The next screen allows you to select from Locations. By default, this screen will only show locations with Lead Management Service Type. Service Type is an attribute of the location and can be set in the Manage Locations tab or through the .csv and XML upload. Check off the locations you'd like to assign the lead to and click Assign Selected at the bottom of the list. This will automatically assign the lead to the selected location and send a "You've got Leads" email to the location letting them know a new lead has been assigned to them.   

The email lead will be sent to the username associated with the location. 

Follow Up

The Follow Up tab allows Client Admins/Users and Reps to view follow up information submitted by each location. The information displayed includes the assigned location, date of original lead submission, status, and any notes. These users cannot edit follow up information. Location Admins and Location Users, however, can add and edit follow up notes for this lead.

Add Lead

In addition to leads submitted via the lead submission forms, Bullseye allows you to submit leads through the Admin. These admin submitted leads will follow the same routing rules set up for the system. 

The "Add Lead" form is a dynamic form that is created based on your account configuration. The top of the form asks for all the pertinent geographical information. The next section lets you specify the lead priority, lead source, comments, and any categories that the lead is assigned to.   

Below lets you add any information related to lead attributes. Finally, you can override the email settings by selecting Thank You or Lead Assignment emails for the individual lead. 

Manage Unassigned Leads

Leads may go unassigned if there are no locations in their area that meet the entered criteria, or if they enter invalid data. These leads will go into the Unassigned area. To view unassigned leads go to  Manage Leads > Unassigned Leads

You'll see a list of the unassigned leads as in the example below:

There are 2 ways to route the leads. The Route button that appears in the example above will automatically route the lead to a location based upon the configured routing rules. Since the leads in the unassigned area failed to route the first time, you need to change information such as address information, or the categories selected by the lead before using automatic routing. To do this, simply click on the lead. You'll get the lead information with the lead details, assignments, and follow up tab as seen in the comps above. You can change the information, save, then come back to the unassigned section, then select route. If the entered criteria matches with at least one location, the lead will be routed. If the lead does not route, you can click on the lead again, select the assignments tab, and select a location to route the lead to.