Set Up and Customize Login and Registration Pages

Set Up a Login Page that users can access to login, or register for your Bullseye account.

Requirements: Any paid subscription

Companies can use a branded login or registration page to access your Bullseye account. This page can be used by any user who needs to login or register for your account, including client administrators, client users, location administrators, location users, etc. When you initially signed up for Bullseye, you were required to create your own subdomain, which determines the login url. To obtain this url, go to  Settings > Account, you'll see the screen below:

Simply copy the subdomain into your browser, and the login page will appear.  At the bottom of the page, you'll see the verbiage "Don't have an account? Sign Up."

When users select that link, they will see a registration page where they can create their own account to login to Bullseye:

If you are using Location Logins or Location Registrations, you may want to customize the pages with your own branding. Currently, we support the ability to include your logo on both pages, enable or disable a support chat widget, and configure a custom HTML footer that appears above the copyright.  

To edit these options, navigate to  Settings > Account and click on the Branding tab. Select Edit

Add Your Logo

The logo added here appears on the registration and login pages. Click on the image placeholder next to the Logo label to add a new logo, or click on the pencil icon next to an existing logo to edit it. Click Choose File to upload your logo. Make sure to hit  Save. The image will be uploaded when the information is saved. The logo will be resized to fit the screen of the page.  

Enable Chat

By default, the Enable Chat option to include a support chat widget on the login page and sidebar throughout the Admin is on. When branding is on, the chat badge appears gray so it doesn’t conflict with branding colors. To disable the chat widget, uncheck this option.

Configure a Custom Login Footer

Use the WYSIWYG HTML editor to configure the text that will appear above the Bullseye copyright on the login and registration pages. This editor accepts any standard HTML.

When you’re finished, click  Save. The login page might look something like this now: