Getting Started: Bullseye Lead Manager Overview

Bullseye Lead Manager gives you the tools to capture actionable leads from your website visitors and deliver them directly to your dealers. 

Required: Lead Manager is an add-on to the Find subscription. To add a subscription or add-on to your account, contact Tom Flynn at 732-868-8463.

Lead Collection Options

Lead Manager is a versatile and configurable system that can be implemented in many different ways. The most common implementations fall into two general types.

Contact Location Directly From the Store Locator

The simplest solution is to add a lead collection form to your store locator. Each listing in your store locator search results will include a link to "Contact Location" that launches the lead form, which in turn captures the lead, assigns it to the location, and sends an email to the dealer for immediate action.

For more information, see Add Lead Collection to your Store Locator.

Generic Lead Capture with Lead Routing

You can also create a stand-alone lead capture form and link to it from strategic locations in your website (e.g., "Contact a Dealer" or "Request a Quote"). Configurable lead routing rules determine how many dealers get the lead, as well as how the leads are assigned to locations: nearest first, preferred dealers, assigned territories, etc. Assigned locations immediately receive an email notifying them of each new lead.

For more information, see Publish a Stand-Alone Lead Collection Form and Configure Lead Routing Rules.

Configurable Email Notifications

Bullseye Lead Manager allows you to customize automated email notifications around the lead management process. Lead data can be merged with your custom content and branding. Available emails in the process include:
  • Confirmation "Thank You" message sent to the lead
  • New leads email sent to the location contact
  • Unassigned leads warning sent to designated administrators
  • Action required reminder sent to the location contact

For more information, see Configure Lead Manager Emails.

Lead Management Workflow

Bullseye supports a lead management workflow that helps ensure effective handling of your website leads. Key steps in the workflow include:

  • Immediate email notification to the location when a lead is submitted
  • Simultaneous duplicate notification to administrators (if configured)
  • Location can update the status of a lead either by logging in to the system or directly from the email (depending on configuration)
  • Notification of unassigned leads sent to designated administrators
  • Reminder notification for leads that have not been updated

For more information, see:

Integration with Third-Party CRM System

Our robust lead API makes it possible to synchronize leads collected via Bullseye with third-party CRM systems, such as SalesForce. Please contact Tom Flynn at 732-868-8463 to discuss opportunities for integration.