Configure Lead Routing Rules

Configure routing rules to route leads to your locations.

Required: Available in Connect and Optimize subscriptions, and as an add-on to the Find Subscription.

Note: This option is only used if you are setting up a stand-alone form that leads will fill out, in lieu of a store locator interface that displays locations to the user, and presents the form after the results are displayed. For more information, see Publish a Stand-Alone Lead Collection Form and Add Lead Collection to your Store Locator.

To configure lead routing, go to  Settings > Routing Rules and click Configure for the region you wish to manage. 

Setup Details

The first step in setting up the routing rules is to configure the setup details. You'll see a screen similar to the following:

  • Search Type: Select radius or territory. The majority of Bullseye accounts use radius. If you have questions about implementing a territory search, please see Manage Territories. (Note that the Other International region does not support radius search. Other International only supports country-level routing, where leads are sent to all locations within a country.)
  • Maximum Radius: If you are using a radius search type, choose a radius wide enough so that locations will always, or almost always, fall within the radius.
  • Maximum Number of Locations: Each lead can be distributed to one or more of your dealers. Choose more than one only if you want multiple dealers to contact a lead.
  • Internet Locations: Select On if you want designated internet locations to receive leads. They will receive leads only when no locations are found within the specified radius. Make sure you mark these locations as internet locations (see add locations).

The example above shows that leads are routed to a maximum of 3 dealers within a 100-mile radius, without involving Internet locations.  

Custom Sorting

Once you have configured the rules in Setup Details, you can set up more specific prioritization of the locations in relation to receiving leads. You'll see a screen similar to below:
Bullseye allows companies to route leads to dealers by a variety of different factors.  These include the following, all of which are selected via the drop-down menus:
  • Distance: Leads are sent to the closest dealers first.
  • Least # of Leads: Leads are sent first to the dealers who have so far received the least number of leads. This is effectively a "round-robin" distribution that helps ensure that all dealers get a more or less equal share of leads.
  • Responsiveness: Dealers can be ranked by you according to how well or how quickly they respond to leads. This is configured when you add locations. New leads are sent to the most responsive dealers first. This helps ensure that your customers get the best response, and it can be used to motivate dealers to be more responsive to leads when they get them.
  • Dealer Type: Dealers can be grouped into tiers: exclusive, preferred, and standard. This is configured when you add locations. Leads are sent to exclusive dealers first, then preferred, then standard.

Select the options that best fit your business. Note that multiple selections are applied hierarchically in the custom sorting. In the example above, leads will be distributed based on location type first, and then by distance. So if there were, for example, one exclusive dealer and three preferred dealers within 100 miles of a given lead, the lead would be distributed to the exclusive dealer first and then the two nearest preferred dealers.