Add and Turn off Features with Modules

Some Bullseye features can be managed through modules to optimize your navigation or add new features.

Requirements: Any paid subscription

Also see Modify Menu Items

Manage Bullseye Features

If you don't use certain Bullseye features, you may want to turn them off so that you don't need to view their links in the Bullseye navigation.  Features are available depending on your subscription. The features that can be turned on/off are the following:

To turn off one or more of these features, go to  Settings>Set Up and choose the  Modules tab.  You will see the following:
Simply uncheck the options that you would like to hide in the Bullseye admin.  Note that Events, Promotions, and Lead Manager are all main items that appear in the left navigation.  Event Registration appears under the Events link if have it checked. Dealer Login is not found in the main navigation, but can be activated on the search interface if the option is checked as shown above.  Some features may be unavailable for use unless you upgrade to the subscription that has the feature you are looking for.  These modules will say "Upgrade Required" next to them if applicable.  Click on that link to get details on how to upgrade.
If you are unable to check any of these options, you can contact us to upgrade your account.