Add an SEO-friendly List View to Your Interface

Allow users to display a link on the embeddable interface that opens an SEO-friendly list interface

Requirements:Available in Connect and Optimize subscriptions, and as part of the Local Page add-on to the Find Subscription.

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Using Enhanced Local Pages

Adding a list view to your interface creates an SEO-friendly, crawlable multi-level list that helps Google discover your locations and understand their geographical hierarchy, so they can provide better local search results. When the list view is enabled, a link to the list view is added to the interface. The list initially displays a list of States or Provinces, organized by country. You can click on any state to drilldown to a list of cities within the state, then click on a city to drilldown to a list of locations within a city. Only states and cities for which there are active locations within the account are listed. If the interface is limited to specific countries, categories, or location groups, only states, cities, and locations that exist within those limitations will be listed.

To add a list view to any interface, create or edit an interface, and expand the Display section:

Enable the Include list view checkbox. After the interface is configured as desired, click Save to save the interface.

The interface will now display a link to "View All Locations"

Click on View All Locations to open a list of States or Provinces:

Click on any State to open a list of cities within the state. Click on any City to open a list of locations within the city.Finally, click on any location to open that location's local page.

That's it! Google can now crawl these lists in order to index all your locations and help them get found by users looking for your services.