Quick Start - How to Add a Bullseye Store Locator to Your Website

A how-to guide to adding a Bullseye store locator to your website.

Getting Started with Bullseye in 2 Easy Steps

Welcome to the Bullseye Store Locator!  Here is a set of instructions along with links to more detailed information that will help you get setup quickly with a new store locator for your website or on your Facebook page.

1.  Add or Import Your Locations

The first thing you will need to do is add locations.  This is so that when users search they will see results.  There are 3 methods for adding locations.

How to add locations

Adding Locations Manually

Importing From an Existing List

Importing Through the API

2. Create and Embed Your Search Interface

Now that you have locations entered, you can create an interface and place it on your website.  

Creating Your Interface

Creating a Website Interface

Going Forward

By now, you should at least have a simple search interface setup on your Facebook page or website.  You are now ready to explore some of the more advanced features of Bullseye which will make your locator a powerful tool for providing customer information and driving traffic to stores.  Here are some of the features you may want to implement.

Modifying Search Rules

Adding Categories to Your Search

Adding Custom Attributes

Viewing Reports