Configure Location Registration and Login Page

How to configure the page that allows location administrators and users to login to Bullseye.

Requirements: Any paid subscription

If you will allow your locations to login to Bullseye to maintain their own data, you will need to create a login page for them.  This may be done on the Bullseye search page that you have set up on your website, or you can use a separate login page.  You may set up locations logins separately by using the .CSV upload, or by adding the users one at a time through the Bullseye admin.

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Before getting into the setup, it is important to understand some overall concepts regarding Location Registration.  Our out-of-the-box registration process is a three-step process.   In Step One, the user  fills out a basic registration form which includes:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password
When they submit this form, a user account is created with a status of pending.  In Step Two an activation email is sent to the email of the registration. The activation email has an "Activation" link which the user can click on to activate their account. In Step Three, the new registrant then fills in the location information via the add/edit location screen.  Step Three is complete when the user saves the new location information.  At that time, an approval email is sent to the Account Admin (if it is configured in the account).  If not, the listing is automatically made available to the search.  
Configuring Your Account to Allow Locations to Register or Modify their Data

To allow either option to Settings > Setup > Options > Location Administration.  Just select Allow Location Registration or Allow Locations Admins to modify locations" as needed and hit Save

Next, you can choose whether or not locations are automatically approved which makes them immediately available to search or if you want them to go through the approval workflow.  If you select "Approve User added locations," new locations go into unapproved status and the Account Admin receives an email notifying them of the new registration.  The Account Admin then needs to login, review the listing and approve it.  For instructions on approving listings go to the article Approving New or Modified Location Listings

Provide the URL for the Register Page

When you turn-on Location Registration in the admin a register page is automatically created which can be accessed from several places.  

  • A SIGN UP link will appear at the bottom of the custom branded login page located at:
  • A direct URL is made available at:<ID>

(If you don't know your subdomain, you can find this under Settings >Account).

Display Register Link on Interface

Bullseye can also be configured to automatically display a login link at the top of the search page. 

This option is available if Location Registration is turned on and can be configured through the search interface editor.  Go to Manage Interfaces and select Edit.  Select Options > Results and select the checkbox for "DisplayLocation Link" beneath Login/Edit Location Link and hit Save