Approve New or Modified Locations

How to approve added or modified locations so they can appear in your locator's search results.

Requirements: Any paid subscription

If you've turned on Location Logins or Location Registration, you may also have selected the option to approve modified locations or approve new locations.  If so, the Account Admin will receive an email each time a new record is added or a location is updated.  This email will notify the Account Admin that there is a location that needs approval.  To approve locations follow the instructions below:

Finding Unapproved Locations

Go to Manage Locations.  In the search field open Advanced Search.  Here you'll see a drop-down labeled Requires Approval.  Select "Yes" in the dropdown and hit Search. The list below the search box will then populate with all records requiring approval.

Approving Locations

In the list view you can check off all the locations that you'd like to approve and then use the batch approval button to mark them as approved.

Alternately, you can select the location record and view it. You may want to use this option if you want to review the location before you approve it.  At the top of the location page, an Approve button will appear if the location is not approved. Click this button to approve the location. 

There is a third way to approve a location.  You can select Edit on the location listing. Below the map is an Approved radio option. You can set this option to "Yes". Be sure however to also make sure to mark Active flag as "Yes". Otherwise, it will not show in search results. You can also use this method to "Unapprove" a location by setting the Approve flag to "No" and the Active flag to "No". If you don't set the Active flag to "No" Saving the record will automatically mark the Active flag as "No".

Be sure to hit Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Send Confirmation to the Location

If you would like to send a confirmation to the location about the approval, you can configure an email to send to them. See Using the Listing Approved Email.