The Leads By Source Report allows companies to see the number of leads from all created sources in Bullseye.

Requirements: Lead Manager Subscription

This report allows you see how many leads come in from the various lead sources you may set up in Bullseye.  You can create a source for a particular lead form, an upload of trade show leads, a feed from a separate lead generation website, or from other sources.  By viewing the number of leads for all sources in a single report, you can quickly compare how the sources are performing:


The example above shows 3 separate sources in a line graph and table.  The first 2 (Brochure Download, Engineering) have been integrated with Bullseye from a 3rd party application by using our API.  The Web source is the default source, which is the standard lead form that comes with our standard search interface.

To download the report in .CSV, .PDF or Word format, select the floppy disk icon on the top right.  To change the date of the report, change the date in the calendar on the top right.