Advanced Styles History

Save unlimited versions of Advanced Styles in the interface builder, to facilitate testing and trying new things safely.

Requirements: Available in all subscriptions

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Have you ever wanted to try new fonts or map styles on your interface? Maybe you’re not sure you will like it, or you want to test the change on your user base, and want to make sure you can revert the changes. Or maybe you want to add seasonal elements, like graphics, that you rotate throughout the year. Advanced styles let you override our CSS with your own CSS to change fonts, spacing, colors, or add graphics and links. Optionally, you can save multiple versions and subversions of Advanced Styles that you can go back to at any time.

You can create an advanced style block by simply writing your own CSS in the provided text field to override our CSS styles. Your first style block will not create a version.

To get started with versioning after creating an initial style block, click the New Version button:

Name the new version and optionally give it a description, then click Save:

Once you’ve created a version, you’ll see a drop-down menu listing the versions you’ve created. Select any version to activate it and make it available for editing. As you make changes to an active version, subversions are created automatically each time you save the interface, so you can restore your code to any point in time.

Delete versions you no longer need using the Delete link:

Or create additional versions using the New Version link:

As always, when you’re done click the Next: Publish Options link and the bottom of the page to advance to the publish tab.