Customize Labels

Change labels to be relevant to your business, or for custom language translation for both the Bullseye front end, and your administrative account.

Requirements: Edit Labels is available in all subscriptions.  To edit category names, or to edit multiple languages, you must purchase a Language Translation subscription, call us for info. For more info on Custom Language translation see Configure Language Translation

You may want to edit certain labels that appear in the Bullseye admin or Bullseye search interface.  For instance, by default Bullseye refers to dealers/distributors/locations as locations.  You may want to change the label to dealer. 

To change these admin labels, go to  Settings>Setup>Labels you will see a screen similar to below:

Select  Edit next to the language.  You will see the following:

The items on the left include labels in the Bullseye admin and on the Bullseye search interface.  Simply edit these labels as needed and select Save when you are done. Use the scroll bar on the right to access all the items.