Configure Language Translation

Display your locator in multiple languages based on the language set in the user's browser.

Requirements: For Standard Translation, any paid subscription. For Custom Translation, Custom Translation Subscription.


Bullseye's multi-language support detects the user's preferred language based upon the culture settings in their browser. This enables you to automatically display the locator in the user's language when they arrive at the locator page. Optionally, a drop-down menu may be added to let the user manually select a language in case there is an issue with the browser communicating with Bullseye, or if the user wants to change the language.

Bullseye offers a standard translation option with all paid web subscriptions which uses a preset, non-editable translation. Categories, Attributes, and supplied location data (addresses, etc.) cannot be translated with the standard translation. For enterprise clients, we offer a custom translation option which can be purchased as an add-on to a Find subscription. The custom translation includes the ability to translate Categories, Attributes, and location data. You may also enter your own translations to override our preset translation.

Turn on Translation

All Bullseye clients can use the standard translation (currently English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German are supported). The embeddable interface will detect the language based on the after creating an embeddable search interface.  

You can also enable a drop-down menu to allow users to select a language as a backup, or if they want to select the language. To do this, once the interface is created, go to  Interfaces in the left navigation, and select Edit. You'll see the screen below:

Under Language, select the checkbox labeled Enable languages translations drop-down. You'll see the following pop up:

You will need to select at least 2 languages. Choose the appropriate languages, then click on the Select button as in the example above. You'll be taken back to the former screen and the selected languages will be listed. Select Save

If you view the interface, you should see the language drop-down on the top right. Users can manually select the language if need be. It will also display the language based upon the default language in their browser:

Note in the example above that the search button and general verbiage is translated into French. The actual location information is displayed based on how it is entered into Bullseye (not translated) unless you subscribe to our Custom Translation.

Custom Translation

You must subscribe to Custom Translations in order to use them.  Please call us at 732-868-8463 to subscribe.  

Translate Labels

To translate labels, go to Settings > Set Up > Labels:

Select Add Labels > Language, you'll see the following screen:

Select the Language you want to customize, then select Save. You should see 4 headings: Labels, Categories, Event Labels, and Promotion Labels. 

If you select the plus sign next to Labels, Events, or Promotions, you'll see a screen similar to the following:

The default label translations will be displayed in each text field. Simply type in your own translations for each field as needed.

Translate Categories

 If you have categories, you can select the plus sign next to the respective heading:

You will see the categories as you originally entered them (This is what users will see when they select individual categories in the search). You can input the translation as needed. When you are done, select  Save.

Translate Location Data

If you need to translate specific data elements on particular locations, this is done on the applicable location's record. Currently, location data cannot be translated via the .CSV location upload. You will need to add the translation manually to each location. Go to  Manage Locations, then search for the location that needs the translation. Once you do a search, click edit on the applicable location, and click on the Translations tab:

Select Add next to the language that applies. You will see several fields that may be edited:

  • Location Name
  • Address 1-4
  • City
  • Contact Position
  • SEO Title
  • SEO Meta Description

Note that the text you enter into the fields will provide a translation for the actual values in the field, not the labels. If the original language used to enter the location does not suffice, you can overwrite the original language by typing your own values into the fields. The information that you enter here will be displayed for users that have that language set as the default language in their browser.