Reference for Allotted Permissions

Requirements: Available in all subscriptions

The following screenshots in this article cover the permissions granted to the 4 default user roles for Bullseye ( Administrator, Account User, Location Admin, and Location User). Permissions for the default roles be modified only with a User Management subscription.

Each role is classified by its Class and Rank. Class determines if the user will have account-level access (account class) or location level access (location class). Rank (Admin or User) determines if the user can add and manage other users within their class.

There is a default role for each class and rank combination:

Account Admin (Administrator)

The Administrator role has access to all functionality in the system. Only Administrators can manage the account settings, such as creating categories and configuring the search rules. Other exclusive Administrator functions include uploading locations via .CSV and XML import, access to reports, and the ability to manage all locations. An account may have more than one Administrator. This is the only role that can create users of all levels, including other Administrators. The permissions for this role cannot be modified even with the User Management subscription as they already have the highest level of access.

Account User

The Account User role falls within the account class and has some of the permissions that the Administrator has. They cannot configure account settings, but they have some account level functionality such as access to certain reports and the ability to approve locations. They only can manage locations that are explicitly assigned to them (See this article to learn about assigning locations to users) or that they create. Account Users can create location class users, but not other Account Users. This role can be modified with the User Management subscription to grant it greater access to account class functionality such as managing interfaces and most reports available to Administrators.

Location Admin/Location User

Location Administrators and Location Users have access to most location entities and some functionality entities. These roles are meant for users that will be managing their own location data; they can view and edit locations that are explicitly assigned to them or add new locations. They have identical permissions, except only Location Administrators can create other location accounts.

Category Groups

If Category Groups exist, a “Categories” section will be visible under all roles, using whatever label is configured for categories. Each Category Group will be listed individually. Permissions can be set for each group, for any user role, allowing greater control.