Using the Security Filter

Block IP Addresses from searching on your locator

Requirements: Available in all subscriptions

The security filter allows companies to block certain users from performing searches on your locator.  This comes in handy when you have competitors who are searching your locator for the purpose of contacting your dealers to sell their competing products. Bullseye is able to detect the IP address of each user.  You can block these IP addresses from searching.

The security filter works together with Searches by IP report. To check if a competitor has been harvesting your data, you need to run a Searches by IP report, and see if there is an unusual amount of searches from a particular IP address.  Go to Reports > Searces by IP and generate a report. You'll see a report similar to this:

To block the IP address, select the Block This IP link on the right.

To manually type in an IP address that you want to block, go to Settings > Security Filter. You'll see a screen that looks like the example below:

Simply type in the IP address you want to block, and that IP will not be able to search.  You can also delete IP addresses if needed.