Export Locations via .CSV or .XML

How to export locations via .csv or .xml.

Requirements: Available in all account types

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Bullseye allows users to easily export locations in a .CSV or .XML file. Exports are useful for making bulk updates to locations or for analyzing data.

You can also schedule regular exports that will be emailed to a designated address. This requires a paid subscription, and configuration by Bullseye Locations. See  Schedule Location XML Import and Exports from our Knowledge Base for more information.

To get started, go to  Manage Locations > Export

You'll see the screen below:

To export locations, click  Export. You’ll see the following options:

Selecting either option to send the file as an email attachment will display a field for entering an email address to sent the file to:

After selecting the desired option and configuring an email address if needed, click the  Export button.

If "Export as CSV file" or "Export as XML File" is selected, your file will download via the browser to your default download location.

If “Export as CSV and send file as email attachment” or “Export as XML and send file as email attachment” is selected, your file will be sent as an email attachment to the email address entered.

Export files are identified with the filename Export_[acount number].csv or .xml. For example “Export_1234.csv” or “Export_123.xml”