Implement a Stand-Alone Lead Form that Redirects the Lead to a Dealer Locator

Combine a Stand-Alone Lead Form with a Traditional Locator

Requirements:  Available in Connect and Optimize subscriptions, and as an add-on to the Find Subscription.

Some companies prefer to configure Lead Manager to have both an initial form submission and a dealer locator that displays results. This hybrid approach has the advantage of allowing leads to perform an additional search after submitting to the form. So if by chance there are few or no local dealers found when the initial form is submitted, the dealer locator is offered as a secondary search as a back-up. It also gives the lead a sense of control, while still putting a priority on making sure leads submit their info before finding dealers.

When the lead arrives at the locator after submitting, the locator will inherit the submitted information, including categories if applicable, as well as the entered geographic information. You can configure the default radius to be wide to make it likely that local results will be displayed.

To set this up, follow these instructions:               

  1. Create an Embeddable Interface as per the instructions in this article. This needs to include embedding the interface on a page on your site.
  2. Configure a Lead Form in Bullseye as per the instructions in this article. Next to Form Submission Options under Form Settings in the form builder, select the Redirect to Embedded Interface option.  Also, paste the url of the page where you embedded your locator in step 1 in the Host URL Page field. In the Interface drop-down, select the interface you embedded into the page from the drop-down list.
  3. Embed the Lead Form you created in step 2 into a page on your website.  

When a lead is submitted, it should redirect the lead to the locator and post the lead in the Bullseye admin.