Using the Listing Approved Email

How to let locations know when their listing is approved by configuring the Listing Approved email.

Requirements: Available in all subscriptions

To let locations know when their location has been approved, use the Listing Approved Email.  Go to Account > Settings > Notifications and select Listing Approved Email .  You'll see the screen below:

Status: Enable or Disable as needed.

Theme: Select the appropriate theme you have created for your emails.

From Address: Enter your own email address or "[email protected]" will be used.

From Name: Enter a name or "Bullseye" will be used.

Subject: Enter a subject or "Location Listing Approval will be used.

Once you have configured the settings, you can edit the body of the email.  Select the Body tab:

You can change the content and styles of the email as needed.  Note that you can also insert the following merge tags in the merge tags dropdown at the top:

Name: The name of the Location Admin user.

Location Name: The name of the location

Location Address: The address of the location.

Company Name: The name of the Bullseye account (the company who subscribed to Bullseye).