Configure New Location Welcome Email

How to configure the "welcome" email that you can send to new locations. This email is often sent when a Bullseye client has uploaded locations into Bullseye, and has provided an email address in the UsernameEmail field. Once email addresses have been included in that field, you can use this email to send login info to those contacts.

This email can be sent manually via the  Manage Locations menu.

1. Set Lead Manager Test Mode (Optional)*

Before configuring and testing emails, place Lead Manager in test mode. This will automatically redirect outbound emails to the addresses you specify and prevent test messages from being sent to actual dealers and others. For instructions, see Set Lead Manager Test Mode.

*Use this option only if you have a Lead Manager subscription.  If you only have a regular locator subscription, please disregard.

2. Modify Default Theme

If you haven't already done so, modify the default them to give your email the look and feel you want, and to apply your branding. For instructions, see Customize Email Themes.

3. Edit Template Settings

  • Click Settings > > Email Settings.
  • Click the Edit link next to the New Location Welcome template.

On the  Settings tab, configure the available fields.

Status - Select Enabled or Disabled.
Theme - The design theme to be applied to this template.
To Address - One or more email addresses to which this email will always be sent, in addition to the location.
BCC Address - One or more email addresses to which this email will be blind copied, in addition to the location and addresses in the "To Address" field.
From Address - The address that the recipient will see as the "from" address; e.g., [email protected]Note: If your from address includes your own email domain, you will need to create DNS records that allow Bullseye to send email on your behalf. Please contact Bullseye Locations for assistance.
From Name - The name that the recipient will see as the "from" name, associated with the From Address; e.g., "Yourcompany Customer Support."
Subject - The subject line of the email; e.g., "Welcome to Yourcompany!"

Click  Save to save your settings.

4. Edit Template Body

  • Click the Body tab
  • Edit the content of your email using the WYSIWYG editor. Remember that background styling, header image, footer text, etc., can be standardized in the theme. See Customize Email Themes for more information.
  • Use the merge fields drop-down in the WYSIWYG editor to insert dynamic content into your email. Available merge options are:
    • [username] - the user's username
    • [password] - the user's password
    • [companyName] - the business name of the associated Bullseye account
  • Click Save to save your settings
  • 5. Preview Your Email

    • Click the Preview button to preview your email content and theme. Note that the preview will not include dynamic merge content.
    • Click the in the upper right corner of the preview to close the window and return to the edit screen.

    6. Test Your Email

    • Click the Test button to initiate an actual email test of your content and theme. Note that this test will not include dynamic merge content.
    • Enter one or email addresses (separated by semicolons) to receive the test email.
    • Click Send Test o send the test email.
    • When you are finished, click Save and Close to return to the list of templates.

    7. Live Test Your Email

    with Lead Manager Test Mode turned on, you can safely test your configured email via the Manage Locations menu (see Welcome Email).

    8. Turn off Test Mode

    When you are satisfied with your email configurations, turn off Lead Manager Test Mode. Your lead emails are now live.