Leads by Source

Requirements:  Available in Connect and Optimize subscriptions, and as an add-on to the Find Subscription.

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Configure Sources

This report allows you see how many leads come in from the various lead sources you may set up in Bullseye.  You can create a source for a particular lead form, an upload of trade show leads, a feed from a separate lead generation website, or from other sources.  By viewing the number of leads for all sources in a single report, you can quickly compare how the sources are performing:

Note that the screenshots in this article are from an account that has translated the Location label to read “Distributors.” The report name is based on this label, which is configured in Settings > Setup > Labels.

Here’s an example of a Leads by Source report:

The example above shows 3 separate lead-based sources in a bar chart, pie chart, and table.  The first 2 (Brochure Download, Engineering) have been integrated with Bullseye from a 3rd party application by using our API.  The Web source is the default source, which is the standard lead form that comes with our standard search interface.

At the top, the stacked bar chart show the total number of searches from lead-based sources on each day, broken down by source. Each source is represented by a color, and each bar of the chart shows how each source relates to the total number of searches for each day.  Hover over any bar to see the search statistics for each source searched on that date, in a list. 

The pie chart below that shows the percentage of searches from each lead-based source as it relates to the whole, over the entire date range configured for the report. Hover over any source to see the source statistics in a bubble:

It’s possible to limit results on the bar chart and table to one or more sources by filtering the pie chart. You can filter by one category by click on the  category name, or filter by multiple categories by using the multi-select tool. Clear filters by clicking the clear filter tool:

The Leads by Source table to the left of the pie chart shows the search and result statistics for each lead-based source, by month.  The table can drill down from month to day to show additional details by clicking the arrows next to the month headings:

Report data can be exported in a variety of formats.

There are many tools that are common to many of our reports, and are covered in more detail separately in the Report Tools Knowledge Base article.