The Leads Report provides an overview of all Leads in your Bullseye account.

Requirements:  Available in Connect and Optimize subscriptions, and as an add-on to the Find Subscription.

Use the leads report to see lead trends, and the number of leads generated within a certain time frame.  General lead information is also visible, such as contact information and the date the lead was submitted.  

Other information includes:

  • Lead Source: You can have multiple lead sources. They might be different lead forms on your site, or other sources such as a trade show, or leads entered manually in the admin. By default, this is set to web.  
  • Lead Priority: With a custom implementation, it is possible to flag the priority of leads from certain sources.  For instance, if you purchase leads from a list broker and import them into Bullseye, you might give them a lower priority than inbound leads that have already enquired about your product.
  • Category: This usually pertains to the products or services your locations carry that leads can choose in the search.
  • Comments: In the standard Bullseye lead form, leads can enter comments into a text field.
  • Status: Leads will have one of the following statuses: Referred, Followed Up, Closed/Lost, Closed/Won, Invalid, or Unassigned.
  • Interface Name: The name of the interface that the lead was submitted from.
  • Any additional lead attributes

This table can be sorted and/or filtered by any column, and columns to be displayed can be configured per user. Multiple views can be saved and later retrieved to view saved settings.

There are many tools that are common to many of our reports and are covered in more detail separately in the Report Tools Knowledge Base article.