Searches by Source

Track the number of searches from a particular source (locator).

Requirements: Included in all paid subscriptions

Also see:

Configure Sources

This report shows how many searches there are for a particular source or interface, on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.  This report is especially helpful when you have multiple sources and want to compare the volume of searches among the sources.

By default, Bullseye tracks searches from web and Facebook locators separately so you will know the number of searches from each. All standard web interfaces are tracked under the source "Web," however, you may want to configure additional sources. For example,  you may want to track the number of searches from multiple standard interfaces if you are using separate interfaces for different brand sites. See Configure Sources for more information.

At the top of the report, you’ll see the Searches by Source chart. Here’s an example of the Searches by Source report:

Below the Searches by Source charts, you’ll find Searches by Interface, where you’ll see statistics for each interface you’ve created:

Both charts can be filtered using the drop down above the chart and table.

Both tables can drill down from year to month to day using the arrows next to the date selectors.

There are many tools that are common to many of our reports, and are covered in more detail separately in the Report Tools Knowledge Base article.