Searches by Category

Displays how many searches for locations based on categories (products or services) that searchers search by.

Requirements: Any paid subscription

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Create and Manage Categories

If your company provides a locator that lets users search by category - like products or services - we provide a report that shows the number of searches for these items. The Searches by Category report lets you know which products or services users are searching for.  Note that, this report only returns results if your account uses categories, and includes categories to search by on interfaces.

There are 2 charts and 2 tables on the Searches by Category report. Here’s an example:

At the top, the stacked bar chart shows the total number of searches on each day, broken down by category. Each category is represented by a color, and each bar of the chart shows how each category relates to the total number of searches for each day.  Hover over any bar to see the search statistics for each category searched on that date in a list.

The pie chart below that shows the percentage of each categories searches as it relates to the whole, over the entire date range configured for the report. Hover over any category to see the category statistics in a bubble:

The Searches by Category table to the left of the pie chart shows the search and result statistics for each category.  A search may not return results; a result refers specifically to search results. 

You can use this table to filter the results in the charts and other table. You can filter by one category by click on the category name, or filter by multiple categories by using the multi-select tool. Clear filters by clicking the clear filter tool:

The Searches by Country table to the right of the pie chart shows the search and result statistics for each country, and can be used to filter results in the other charts and tables in the same way as the Searches by Category table can:

There are many tools that are common to many of our reports, and are covered in more detail separately in the Report Tools Knowledge Base article.