Searches by Country

Shows the number of searches within a country for a particular time period. 

Requirements: Available in all accounts

Also see:

Searches by Source

The country report displays all the searches and results for a particular country. A search may not return results; a result refers specifically to search results. 

The country list can drill down to the State, County, and City level where available, by clicking the arrows next to the locations to view detailed search results. Search statistics can also be viewed by hovering overactive parts of the map.

This report also shows the number of results for the geographic regions, and succesful searches. Note that a single search often returns multiple locations/dealers for results, so the number of results typically exceeds the number of searches. A successful search is a search that returns at least one location/dealer. If you see unsuccessful searches in a particular area, you may consider trying to get dealer coverage in that area. You could also consider offering wider radius options to return results if you are using the radius search.

This list and map can be filtered by interface or source using the drop-down located above the map:

This report has a unique export option that will export all fully drilled down data. This can be exported in a variety of formats - Excel, CSV, or PDF. Select the desired format from the drop-down at the top of the table, then click Export all Data. The exported file will be saved to your default download location.

There are many tools that are common to many of our reports and are covered in more detail separately in the Report Tools Knowledge Base article.