“White Label” your account with the custom branding module.


Required: Custom Branding is an add-on to the Web Premium subscription. To add a subscription or add-on to your account, contact Tom Flynn at 732-868-8463.

Custom branding allows you to white label the Bullseye app by changing the apps colors, logos, and favicon to match your branding. This allows you and your partners to log in and experience the app as your own. To get started with custom branding, contact us to add the custom branding module to your account.


Once the module is enabled, you’ll see 2 new fields in addition to the Logo in the Branding section of the  Account page:

To configure custom branding, click Edit at the top of the Account page.


In the Branding section, upload a logo and/or favicon, and select a custom color to use instead of Bullseye red on links, menu items, and graphic elements throughout the Dashboard and the login page. Click on Save. Now you’ll see the branding section populated with your images and color.

That’s all you need to do to brand the Bullseye Dashboard, Admin, and location pages as your own.