Create Complex Attributes to organize and store multi-part location data.

Requirements: Available in Premium Subscriptions

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Complex attributes are a type of attribute that is composed of one or more sub-attributes. Complex attributes support an unlimited number of sub-attributes of any data type supported by attributes. There can be only 2 complex attributes per account, but there can be an unlimited number of any complex attribute.

Complex attributes give businesses a better tool for storing, organizing, and communicating location related content. Please note that they are not currently supported on interface landing pages.

To create a complex attribute, navigate to the Add Attribute page at Settings > Attributes. Click on the Add Attribute button. Selecting a Complex attribute as the Field Type will display the Sub-Attribute Information area and Add Sub-Attribute button:


Existing sub-attributes are listed in the lower part of the page. The Add Sub-Attribute button will launch the Add Sub-Attribute page, which will display the Sub-Attribute Information area, where the name and field type can be chosen:


Sub-attribute field types can be any field type allowed for attributes, EXCEPT the Complex field type. 

Drop Down, Radio Group, or Checkbox Group field types will display the Sub-Attribute Options area, and Add Option button, in the same way they do when created as attributes. 

Category sub-attributes display available category groups in the Attribute Options area. Select one category group per sub-attribute here to allow back-end users to assign locations to category sub-attributes on the Location Detail page. 

Once a sub-attribute is created, it is available to every location. You can add and edit complex attributes from a tabbed page on the location detail page, which can be opened via Manage Locations. In the following example, the complex attribute named “Teacher” is shown.

To add new complex attributes to a location, click the Add [complex attribute name] link, and enter information for each sub-attribute. Click the check mark to save your changes. Click the Add [complex attribute name] link again to add another:

Existing complex attributes are listed in the order they are created. To edit, click the pencil in the upper right hand corner, or click the garbage can to delete one:

After editing a complex attribute, click the check mark to save your changes.