Let locations know when their listing is approved by configuring the Listing Approved email.

Requirements: Available in all subscriptions

To let locations know when their location has been approved, use the Listing Approved Email.  Go to Account>Settings>Email settings and select Listing Approved email.  You'll see the screen below:

Status: Enable or Disable as needed.

Theme: Select the appropriate theme you have created for your emails.

From Address: Enter your own email address or "noreply@bullseyelocations.com" will be used.

From Name: Enter a name or "Bullseye" will be used.

Subject: Enter a subject or "Location Listing Approval will be used.

Once you have configured the settings, you can edit the body of the email.  Select the Body tab:

You can change the content and styles of the email as needed.  Note that you can also insert the following merge tags in the merge tags drop down at the top:

Name: The name of the Location Admin user.

Location Name: The name of the location

Location Address: The address of the location.

Company Name: The name of the Bullseye account (the company who subscribed to Bullseye).