Add Store Hours to your locations to let visitors know their hours of operation.

Requirements: For regular store hours, any paid web subscription, or Facebook Premium subscription. For holiday hours, Web Premium subscription.


Store Hours/Business are becoming more commonplace on store locators since companies are looking to provide more information for their potential customers to encourage sales. Regular store hours (non-holiday hours) may be added through the .CSV upload or by manually adding them one at a time to each store. It is also possible to add regular store hours and holiday hours by using our API. Holiday hours currently cannot be added through the .CSV upload.

Add Regular Hours

Add Manually to a Single Location

To add store hours to a single location, go to Manage Locations in the left navigation, and either add a new location, or edit an existing location. After you select add or edit, you'll see the Business Hours heading near the bottom of the page:

First, select the Time Zone that applies to the location so the selected times will relate correctly to the Time Zone as in the example above. Then select the AM and PM hours as needed for Monday-Sunday. After you have added the hours, select Save at the bottom.

Add to Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations that have the same hours, you can select multiple locations, add the hours to a single location you have selected, and apply the hours you have added to all selected locations.

First, go to Manage Locations and do a search for the locations that need to have the same hours updated:

Select all the locations that apply.  Then click on one of the locations, and select Edit.  Go down to Business Hours:

Add the Business Hours, and select the check box next to Apply to All Locations.  Then select Save Location.

Add in Bulk via a CSV file

To add store hours via a CSV file, you will need to know the correct format for the Time Zones and hours. The format for the Time Zones can be found in Time Zones while the format for hours can be found in Upload in CSV. Follow the instructions in the Upload in .CSV article for other details when you upload.

Turn on Store Hours for Facebook Premium Accounts

Currently, only regular hours are supported with Facebook Premium accounts. Please refer to the Facebook Instructions for information on activating store hours.

Add Holiday/Special Hours

To add holiday hours to a location, go to Manage Locations, search for a location, and select edit on that location. 

You will see 2 options: 

  • Add Holiday Hours: Allows you to add known holidays from a list, and display that location as closed or with special holiday hours.
  • Add Custom Hours: Allows you to add your own holidays or other days that are not included in our list when a location will be closed or will have special hours.

To add holiday hours, see the example below:

  • Select Add Holiday Hours. A list of holidays will appear.
  • Select the holiday that applies.
  • Select Closed if the location will be closed on that holiday. 
  • Click the green check mark to save the holiday. There is no need to save the location. 
  • If a location will be open on a holiday with non-regular hours, select Open in the drop down menu. Then select the correct hours from the list that appears, and select the green check mark to save:

  • To add a holiday that is not included in our list, select Add Custom Hours as in the example below:

  • Note in the example above that the day before New Year's Eve is not an official holiday, but if a location is closed on that day for some reason, you can simply type in the name of the day, and assign a date.
  • Select the green check box next to closed to save.
  • After you save the holiday, it will appear in bold:

  • If you make a mistake, (i.e assign closed to a location erroneously for a particular day), simply hover over the saved holiday, and a pencil icon will appear. Click on the pencil, and you can make an edit, or delete the holiday:

  • To delete holiday hours, click the red "X" icon. The holiday will be removed. This works for holiday hours and special hours.

Turn on Holiday Hours for Your Web Interface

Regular hours will display automatically once you configure them on a location. To turn on holiday hours, go to Manage Interfaces and click Edit on the Interface that will display the Holiday Hours. Select Options, and scroll down to the bottom, and review the Results heading:

Select the checkbox next to Display Holiday Hours. Note that you will need a Web Premium Subscription to display hours on web interfaces. 

View Hours in your Web Interface

To view the Store Hours on your locator, go to Manage Interfaces and select View on the Interface you have created. Search for a location that has store hours. When you see a location that has store hours in the search results, hover over the link that says "Business Hours" the hours will appear:


Note that hours are display on a weekly basis, therefore holidays will not be displayed until 7 days before the actual date.