Prevent lead emails from being sent while you are configuring and testing Bullseye Lead Manager.

Required: Lead Manager subscription.

While you are setting up and testing Bullseye Lead Manager, you may not want automatic lead emails from being sent to your dealers. This article explains how to put Lead Manager in test mode so that these emails are re-routed to addresses you specify instead of the dealer contacts. 

Turn On Test Mode

To set Lead Manager test mode, follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings in the top right corner of the admin screen.
  2. Select Account
  3. Click Edit
  4. Check the Lead Manager Test Mode checkbox under Client Details
  5. In the Test Email List box, enter the email addresses (separated by semicolons) you want to receive test leads; leads submitted through the interface will be automatically re-routed to these email addresses.
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page. 

Turn Off Test Mode

To turn off test mode and make Lead Manager live, follow these steps:


  1. Click Settings in the top right corner of the admin screen.
  2. Select Account
  3. Click Edit
  4. Un-check the Lead Manager Test Mode checkbox under Client Details
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.