The Leads Report provides an overview of all Leads in your Bullseye account.

Requirements: Lead Manager Subscription.

Use the leads report to determine the number of leads generated within a certain time frame.  General lead information is also visible, such as contact information and the date the lead was submitted.  

Other information includes:

  • Lead Source. You can have multiple lead sources. They might be different lead forms on your site, or other sources such as a trade show, or leads entered manually in the admin. By default, this is set to web.  
  • Lead Priority. With a custom implementation, it is possible to flag the priority of leads from certain sources.  For instance, if you purchase leads from a list broker and import into Bullseye, you might give them a lower priority than inbound leads that have already inquired about your product.
  • Category. This usually pertains to the the products or services your locations carry that leads can choose in the search.
  • Comments. In the standard Bullseye lead form, leads can enter comments into a text field.
  • Status. Leads will have one of the following statuses: Referred, Followed Up, Closed/Lost, Closed/Won, Invalid, or Unassigned.