Displays how many searches for locations based on categories (products or services) that searchers search by.

Requirements: Web Plus Account or Higher

If your company provides a locator that lets users search by products or services, we provide a report that shows the number of searches for these items.  In Bullseye, we call these items Categories. The Searches by Category report lets you know which products or services users are searching for.  Note that, this report is not configured in your account initially, because not all companies use categories.  It is easy to set this report up however.  When you first click on the Searches by Category report, you'll see the following instructions:

No data was found matching your search criteria.

To turn on tracking searches by Category, go to Settings>Setup>Options and check track category searches.

Simply go to the top right of the page and select Settings, and follow those instructions.  Once you turn on the report, a search including a category will need to be done in order to see data in the report.  Here's an example of a report:

Note that this example is called Searches by Products, by default it is called Searches by Categories in your Bullseye account.  The report name is based upon how you label your categories (products, service, etc.) which is configured in Settings>Setup>Labels.  We provide a table that shows the products, number of searches and a pie chart for easy reference.