The contact link which appears in the search results and on the landing page operates differently based on the location and interface configuration.

This link can be used in 2 different ways:

  1. Open a form that is created in Bullseye: You can create a form within Bullseye that will allow a lead to enter their information and send to the location.
  2. Open a form created in an external form builder: You can create a form outside of Bullseye and put a link to that form that a lead can fill out.

Open a Form That is Created in Bullseye

If “lead capture” is turned on for the interface, the contact link will check to see if the Lead Manager service is selected for the location. If yes is selected, it will look to see if you have created a form in Bullseye and assigned it to the interface.  If the form is assigned, it will appear when the user clicks on the "Contact Link" button, and route the lead to the Location Admin's email address in the Username/Email field.. 

If Lead Manager is not selected, it will see if there is a value in the contact email field. If yes, it will check if you have a form created in Bullseye and have assigned it to an interface.  If the form is assigned, it will send the lead to the contact email.  The Contact Email field has the advantage of not requiring a unique email address, so if you have an email address that is to be used across multiple locations, this option can be used.  Note that this approach has the disadvantage of not allowing the contact to login to Bullseye.  If there is no contact email address, no link will be displayed. 

Open a Form Created in an External Form Builder

If the “lead capture” button is turned off in the interface, the contact link will look for a value in the Contact URL field on the location. If there is a value, it will link to the URL. This can be used to link to an outside form.  To configure the ability to capture leads on the interface, Go to Interfaces and select Edit on the appropriate interface.  Scroll down until you see Search Results options and turn it on:

Select Save when after you have checked it off.

To assign a location to the the lead manager service, go to Manage Locations and search for the location that needs to be added to the service.  When you have located the location, click on the location in the list, then select Edit.  You'll see the following screen (you may need to scroll down):

Simply select Lead Manager and Save.  Note that, if you have a lot of locations that need to be added to the Lead Manager service, it may be easier to modify the locations by using the csv upload