Sometimes clients prefer to use our embeddable web interface on their Facebook page because the web interface has some added flexibility that is not available in the Facebook App.  This includes the ability to change CSS which can't be done with Facebook.

To set this up, you need to use an HTML app for Facebook. Because the embeddable interface uses an IFrame, you need to paste our Bullseye code into an app which will accept an IFrame.  The HTML app is basically used in lieu of a website environment/CMS which usually is the recipient of this code. This help doc suggests using an app called Static HTML which can be found at

To start the process, log on to Facebook, and click on

You'll see the following screen:

Click on the button that says Add Static HTML.  You may be asked to log on to your personal account first, then, you'll see this screen:

Under the Facebook Pages drop down, select the correct page to install the tab, then select Add Page Tab.  You'll be taken to the newly created tab on your Facebook page, with the default label, "Welcome":

Now that your tab is created, you need to embed the Bullseye code into the tab so the Bullseye search will appear.  Select Edit Tab and you'll be taken to a screen that lets you paste the Bullseye code:

To retrieve your code, login to your Bullseye account, and go to Interfaces.  Click edit on the appropriate interface, and then select the Publish option.  You can copy the code from the appropriate option, then paste it into the editor as in the example above.  You will probably want to change the name of the tab from "Welcome" to something like Locations or Dealers.  Select the option Tab Name and Image to change the label of the tab. 

  Then select Save & Publish. You'll see the following screen:

Select Return to Facebook.  You should see the Bullseye interface set up correctly.  You can make changes to the styles, etc. if necessary in your Bullseye account.