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2/20/2015 - Bullseye Store Locator Software and Lead Management Updates

  1. Added CSS field to allow CSS override on embeddable interfaces using Hosted URL with Header and Footer.  Select Enable Custom Code.  You can also use this field with the iFrame Embed for Website.  Go to the Hosted URL with HTML input for Header and Footer select Enable Custom Code.  Add your CSS to the head section field.  Then use the iFrame Code in the iFrame Embed for Website section.  The iFrame will inherit the CSS from the field. 
  2. You can not include a source attribute if you are linking to an interface in the querystring parameter. Sources can then be used to track referrer.  for more information visit Passing Search Parameters in the QueryString.
  3. Added an HTML editor to the custom Header and Footer fields under the Hosted URL with Header and Footer fields.  The HTML editor allows you to upload images and use images from the gallery assigned to your account. 
  4. Updated option to use Header and Footer for local landing pages only.  This option allows you to embed the search interface into your site, but when users click through to the local landing pages, it links to the <subdomain> domain.  This was done to get better SEO value from a stand alone location landing page than you would get with the landing page embedded in an iFrame.  Contact us to update host entries to allow your CName to resolve to your subdomain at Bullseye Locations.
  5. Update password reset to reduce complexity of autogenerated passwords.
  6. Enabled the ability to customize and brand the password reminder email.  This feature is available to lead manager clients.