Add reps to the Bullseye admin and assign them to locations.

Required: Lead Manager subscription.

The word representative (rep) covers a variety of different roles for companies. In Bullseye, we define this as a regional rep who manages a group of locations. Although it is also possible to enter reps as locations, and route leads directly to them, in this case we are referring to setting up a rep and assigning them to locations so they can monitor leads that get assigned to locations. These reps have the ability to view leads that are assigned to locations (leads are not assigned to reps, only to locations), unassign and reassign to other locations, and view reports. They can optionally be CC'd on lead emails that go to the locations they manage. Reps only see data and reports that apply to the locations they are responsible for.

Reps must be manually entered by an administrator into Bullseye by typing their information in a form. Once they are entered, they can be assigned to locations. To begin this process, start by going to Reps on the left navigation. You'll see the following screen:

Select Add Rep and you'll be taken to a form to type in rep information:

Simply add the rep information. You will need a unique email address for the rep as well as a password so they can login. Select Save, then view the following screen below:

The next step is to assign the rep to the appropriate locations so they can overview lead activity for the locations they manage. Select Edit as in the example above, then view the assignments screen:

Select Assign Locations, then you'll see a search page to find locations for assignment:

Search for locations alphabetically or with other criteria to find the appropriate locations. Once you have found the locations, check them off, then select Assign Selected. Your reps will now be able to login, view leads, and reassign leads to locations as needed.