Send a reminder email to locations if they don't respond promptly to leads.

Requirements: Lead Manager subscription

The Your Attention is Requested email allows you to send emails to your locations when they haven't followed up with a lead within a certain number of days. This helps you to manage dealers when you are unable to contact them in person.  To configure this email, go to Settings> and select the Attention email as in the example below:

After selecting the Attention email, you'll see the screen below:

Type in the correct From Address and From Name as needed.  You need to check off the option Send the message to the dealers/locations and select the number of days that will define the delinquency period.  After this has been completed you can configure the content of the email using the text editor:

You can optionally include the delinquency period in the email for the location to see as in the example above.  You can also include the number of leads.  To enable either, simply copy the option (including brackets) into the body of the email and save.