All Bullseye's interfaces allow you to include querystring paramters in the URL.  This provides added flexilbity and allows you to default searches to specific locations, track sources and test results based on IP address geo lookup.  1 or more parameters can be included in the querystring.  However, when passing in postalcode or city and state, countryID is required. 

The format for the URL is:


Possible parameters are:

  • PostalCode
  • CountryID (Must use BullseyeID.  CountryID is required if searching using any of these: PostalCode, City, State/Province)
  • City
  • State
  • Radius
  • Source
  • IP  
  • LangCode
  • Category
  • Subcategory


  • If radius is not  set, it will default to 25 miles.
  • Using IP will allows you to override the automatic geolocation detection.  Bullseye will use IP to determine city and state and then perform a search based on state. 
  • Setting up individual sources and including source in the querystring paramter is a great way to track traffic from campaigns.
  • If you have spaces in the sources you've setup, categories or states, be sure to include %20 in the querystring in place of the space.  
  • City and/or State follow rules for search validation by country. 
  • www can be replaced by your subdomain.
  • Language Code needs to be the 2 letter ISO code (see document under Lookup Values below).
  • Category can be the numeric ID or name of the category.  If a category name is repeated in your account, the numeric ID should be used.

Sample URL

Lookup Values