Search Types for Geographic Searches

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Bullseye allows for 4 search types (Radius, Territory, Territory (State Only,) and Country). Radius is the most commonly used option (search within a mile or km radius). We provide territory search ability (assign locations to a defined geographic territory, such as county or district) for certain countries. Some countries offer state-level territory granularity

Some countries support country-level searches, and can also be added as a territory region.

Radius Search: The Radius option configures the locator so that web users will get search results based upon a selected mile radius.

Territory Search: The Territory option allows users to return search results that fall within an assigned region that is configured as a territory.

Territory (State Only) Search: The Territory (State Only) option provides state-level granularity for certain countries.  To see the list of countries, see this article

Country Search: The Country option allows you to display all locations within a country.

Note: In addition to the country search mentioned above, Bullseye also supports a different country-level search called “Other International”.  By default, this region is included in the account when it is created, and is intended as a backup to allow country-level searches if the country is not set up explicitly in the search rules as mentioned above. It may also be used to allow country-level search for countries that do not support more granular search options.  We suggest setting up the country search explicitly if possible (instead of Other International) because that configuration offers reporting particular to each country.