Frequently asked Bullseye Questions:

Pricing and Purchase

Q. What is the cost of a Bullseye subscription?

A: There are a variety of plans available.  See our pricing page for details.

Q: Is Bullseye available as a downloadable version for a one-time fee?

A: No, Bullseye is only available as a cloud-based service.


Q: Does the Facebook version work on mobile devices?

A: No, because Facebook does not allow any 3rd party apps to display on mobile. This article explains possible workarounds. 

Q: Do you have an API?

A: Yes.  See our API Documentation.

Q: Does Bullseye work with my CMS System/Website Builder?

A: Bullseye should work with any system.  You can simply embed our IFrame based interface into our page.  We also have native integrations with Shopify and Wordpress.  For some CMS systems we have instructions available.  Set up is typically easy.  

Q: Can I integrate with Salesforce.com and other CRM systems?

A: Yes.  For Salesforce.com, see  this page.

Q: Can I integrate Bullseye with my company's inventory application, or with inventory services such as Nielsen?

A: Yes. Contact us for more information.

General Feature Questions

Q: Can Bullseye upload many locations at once?

A: Yes, in CSV format.  We also support automating this process via XML with a Find subscription.

Q: Does Bullseye have the ability to remove duplicate locations before uploading?

A: Yes..

Q: Does Bullseye work on mobile devices, and do you have a responsive design option?

A: Yes to both.

Q: Can Bullseye filter locations by products locations carry?

A: Yes

Q: Can Bullseye detect the user's location and show locations automatically?

A: Yes

Q: Can locations login and maintain their own data?

A: Yes