Quick Start - How To Add a Bullseye Store Locator to your Facebook Page

A how-to guide to installing a Bullseye store locator on your Facebook page

With Facebook and social media on the top of everyone's integration list, you're probably wondering what's the easy way to add my Bullseye Store Locator for Facebook to my Facebook page.  While it can be a little tricky if you are unfamiliar with adding Facebook apps, the instructions below should provide you with a good outline and get you up and running in 5-10 min.  

Adding Bullseye to your Facebook Page is a three-step process. 

Note: Be sure you are using Facebook as yourself, not as your company's Facebook page.

Note: Facebook does not allow any 3rd party apps like Bullseye to be displayed on mobile devices.  For more information, on possible workarounds see this article.

Step 1: Add the App to Your Facebook Page

You'll first need to add the actual app to the page where you want the store locator. Navigate to the Bullseye Facebook page and click on GET THE APP on the left-hand side navigation menu. 


The next page has a red button that says Get the App.  Click on it.

Next, choose the page which you want to house the Bullseye Store Locator from the drop-down and select Add Page Tab.  Now you have successfully added the app to your page. 

Step 2: Link the Facebook Page to Your Locator Account

Once you've added the locator to the page you want, you'll need to go to the page and configure it according to your store locator license. 

For this step, you'll need two pieces of information from your Bullseye account.  (1) API key (2) Client ID.  Both are located under  Settings>Account.  Go to this page and under Bullseye Details get this information and copy it or jot it down.   

Navigate to the Facebook page where you have installed the locator.  Click on the Locations Tab .

In the next page you will see a message for Page Administrators (you must be logged in as an Admin to see this), click on  Edit App to setup and configure Bullseye. 

This brings you to the Bullseye Store Locator settings page.  

Enter your API key and Client ID in the appropriate fields then go ahead and click  Save.  The page will refresh showing the tab options available to your license configuration.  

  • Countries: If you have locations in multiple countries your locator will include a Country drop down. You have the option to display all of the countries with locations in the drop down by selecting Show all Countries with Locations or you have the option to limit which countries appear in the drop down by selecting Manually Select Individual Countries.
  • Map: Select this option to include a map in your locator.
  • Header Text: Enter a heading or title for your locator.
  • Show Image: You can display a company logo in the top or bottom of the locator by selecting Show Image and uploading an image or by providing the Image Link URL.

The following configuration options require a Bullseye Facebook Premium subscription:

  • Contact Name and Position: Check this option to display each location’s contact information.
  • Email: Check this option to allow users to email the location.
  • Hours: Check this option to display the location’s business hours.
  • Location Image: Check this option to display an image on each location in the search results.
  • Attributes: Check this option to display custom attributes/fields in the search results that are not included in our standard fields.
  • Coupons: Check this option to display coupons on locations you assign coupons to.
  • Custom Map Icons: You have the option to display your own map icon in the map results. Select Show Custom Map Icons and upload an image of an icon to replace the standard map icon.  

Remember to click  Save after making configuration changes.

Change Tab Name

If you would like to change the text of the tab, click on  Settings>Edit Page, under the tab name you want to change, click on Settings>Edit Settings. This will open up a window with a field where you can enter a custom tab name. By default, the tab says "Locations"

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