Configure Landing Page Preview

Configure landing page previews for standard or custom landing pages to view preview in a popup on the location detail page.

Requirements: Any paid subscription

Also see:
Add Locations Manually through the Bullseye Admin

If you have configured an interface to create landing pages for locations, you can configure your account to generate a preview of those landing pages in the Bullseye Admin from the location’s detail page, so that you can see what it looks like to users viewing landing pages through a published interface. To get started, navigate to Settings > Setup > Options > Landing Page Preview Options. Previews can be configured for either standard interfaces or custom interfaces. If you don't want preview functionality or need to turn it off, select None.

Standard Interface Landing Pages

Select Standard landing pages under the Landing Page Preview Options. If you only have 1 interface, or only want to preview landing pages as they would look with the standard interface, you’re done! Click Save and the landing page Preview button will be available from every location’s detail page.

If you have more than one interface in use and you want to be able to preview landing pages as they’d look with multiple interfaces, click on the Specify interfaces checkbox. From the popup, check off any interface you want to be available to preview landing pages from and click Save.

On the locations detail page, you’ll notice a drop-down arrow on the Preview button - you’ll be able to select from the interfaces you selected on the Landing Page Preview Options page to generate a preview.

Custom Interface Landing Pages

If you have a custom locator, you can configure landing page preview by supplying the custom domain path of the custom locator. Domain paths must start with http:// or https:// and they must identify whether to use the LocationID or ThirdPartyID to identify the locations.

Once the domain path is configured, click the +Add button to add it to the list. While it’s unusual to have more than one custom domain path, you can add additional domain paths using the +Add button. When you’re finished, click Save.

You’ll see the same Preview button on the location’s detail pages as the Standard landing pages - either with the drop-down arrow if there are multiple paths configured, or without if there’s only one.

With landing page preview configured, you can generate a preview in a popup window from the location’s detail page to see exactly how the landing page will look when launched from an interface.