Upload Images Using the Image Uploader Tool

The image upload tool allows you to either upload images by browsing or drag and drop, or reference an image by URL. When you add a Photo attribute, it’s represented by a placeholder on the Location Detail page until you add an image from the Edit page:

First, go to Settings > Attributes and Select Add Attribute.  Name the attribute, and associate the attribute with a location under the "Related To" drop down.  Then select "Photo" under the Field Type drop down.

To add an image, click on the placeholder or the pencil icon. This launches the image uploader tool. On the first tab, browse for files locally by clicking the “Select an image for upload” button, or drag files from your local computer in to the “Drop files here to upload” window”

From the second tab, you can paste a link to an image on the Internet. Click on the Validate button to validate the file and see a preview.

After you’ve added an image using any of those methods, Click on Save to save the image, or Cancel to return to the Location Detail page without saving.