Working with Notification Templates

Create multiple versions of the "New Lead" and the "Web Thank You" email.

Requirements: Available in Connect and Optimize subscriptions, and as an add-on to the Find Subscription.

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Manage Email Themes

Configure Lead Manager Emails

The Bullseye Developer Hub

Users can create multiple email themes, and multiple versions of the “New Lead” and “Web Thank You” emails, and apply different themes to each. To get started, navigate to Settings>Notifications to open the Manage Email Settings page:


Multiple themes can be created to do things like use different logos or fonts, or brand emails with different colors. To add a new theme, click the Add Theme button. To edit an existing theme, click the edit link next to the theme name. See Manage Email Themes to learn more about creating email themes. 

Notification Templates

Below Themes, you’ll see the Notification Templates heading, and a list of emails. See Configure Lead Manager Emails to learn more about editing existing New Lead and Web Thank You emails. To add new versions of existing emails, click the Add Notification button.

Select “New Lead” or “Web Lead Thank You” from the email type drop-down.

Your selection opens the Settings tab of the selected email:

Refer to Configure Lead Manager Emails to learn more about configuring Lead emails. When done, click Save or Save and Close to return to the Manage Email Settings page.

New email templates are available via the Bullsey API. Visit the Bullseye Developer Hub to learn more about using the Bullseye API.